“Since completing Law school in France, I have lived in many different countries, experiencing first-hand the acute social disparities and the many forms of cultural diversity; their challenges and the personal growth and joy they can bring to all of us. I believe it is essential to be able to transform one’s emotion into a constructive mission. Non-profits, everywhere in the world, give us the possibility to share, understand and make the world a better place. I want to keep on learning and keep on helping. I bring enthusiasm and passion and a very wide expertise in fundraising and communication in the US, as well as local partners.“
A better tomorrow is our primary drive. Together, we can build the future.

Raphaele Bompard Holley – RBH Consulting Owner


Solidarity   Commitment   Impact


“Bonjour DC offers exceptional personalized services every step of the way. Through the design and management of brand new communication, events and fundraising strategies. Bonjour DC has continuously demonstrated its invaluable impact on the developmental growth and outreach of our small NGO.“
Yahne MIORINI – President of Comité Tricolore

“Raphaele is a master of event concept, design, and execution. From start to finish; for events small or large — no detail is overlooked; every deadline is met; vendors are efficiently negotiated with; patrons and donors treated with care and responsiveness; and — most importantly for non-profits — fundraising goals are exceeded. Your special event could not be in better hands than when managed by Bonjour DC.“
Kimberley HEATHERINGTON – Former Director of Operations & Development
French-American Cultural Foundation (F-ACF)